PABYOSICOIN_SP is the Digital Currency with encrypted, Network based Digital currency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.


Well-known digital currency the [Bitcoin] was not enough to have competency as currency and just have a investigating preferences. The new digital currency PABYOSICOIN_SP is made for providing low fee and high reliability to our country. This will raise up the value of the PABYOSICOIN_SP and increase circulations as the currency.


1st The value of the coin is changing every time. 2nd Everyone can apply this technology. 3rd Obtain the coins from the mining or buy / sell from exchanges. 4th A fee only occured in sending coins with 0.002. 5th It is a open source and free to use.

Guide for Pabyosicoin password change policy

We sincerely thank you for using Pabyosicoin and please change the login password and security password of pabyosicoin to protect your valuable personal information.
Please do not give passwords to other members.

< How to change your password >
Log in to pabyosicoin.com → Profile → Enter old password →
Enter new password → Update

Please change your security password in the same way.

We will do our best for our Pabyosicoin members.

Security Enhancement Guide

Pabyosicoin has been working with the PBCEX Exchange for the convenience of its members.
We have used the same wallet address with Bitcoin and PCS, but please keep in mind the following to protect your assets safely.

1. Date of enforcement: March 13, 2017 (Mon)

2. Contents : The balance of Bitcoin and PCS of Pabyosicoin.com
separates the balance with the PBCEX exchange.
In the future, you will be given a separate and unique wallet address.

3. How to use: As with the method used in the existing Pabyosicoin.com, you can use Bitcoin and  PCS. 
But if you want to use PBCEX, please use the withdrawal page of Pabyosicoin to transfer the coins to the newly created wallet address in PBCEX.

※ Note: To protect your property safely, we will inform you that the existing wallet address of Pabyosicoin's PCS will be automatically renewed to the new wallet address.
Please be sure to check your new wallet address when you send your PCS to Pabyosicoin.com from the external exchange.

We will do our best for our members.

Thank you.

< Advice for using c-cex >

To safeguard your assets, Pabyosicoin offers you to refrain from using c-cex (International Exchange) for the period mentioned below.
We hope that your business will not be interrupted.


1. Date  : Feb. 23(Thurs.) 2017

2. Reason for notice : As c-cex International Exchange Hacking Risk and frequent system errors increase, we recommend users of c-cex to refrain from using the site (www.c-cex.com) to safeguard the assets of Pabyosicoin members.

3. Alternative International Exchange Site : https://www.coinexchange.io

※ Please sign up at the International Exchange website above and use during the recommended period.

< c-cex使用克制劝告 >



- 以  下 -

1. 劝告日期 : 2017年2月23日(星期四)

2. 劝告事由 : 由于c-cex国际交易所遭黑客入侵的危险性增加以及系统错误频发,

3. 替代国际交易所网站 : https://www.coinexchange.io

※ 请注册以上国际交易所网站会员后使用.